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Word of mouth powers businesses.

Kaching powers
word of mouth.

We're not here to school anybody; especially business owners, on the relevance and importance of word of mouth. Everybody knows this is it. Most of all else is fluff. We're grateful to have been able to identify the opportunity and evolve the most ideal, non-obtrusive, and win-win solution to ensure that stores are able to identify and reward their referrers.

80% of your customers are there because they heard about you, through a friend, either during a conversation or through a post on Instagram or WhatsApp. So you know, people come through referrals, but you don’t know who the referrer is — until now. Kaching helps you identify these referrers and reward them in a way, that incentivizes them to continue referring even more people.

Recognizing your customers for referring their friends to your outlet is literally the purest, foolproof-est, and simplest way to bring more customers to your store.