Nobody loves rewarding a great referral like we do.

Kaching’s the only way

restaurants, bars, retail stores, car dealerships,

and tons of other physical establishments can track and reward the people who drive them business

Refer away

Know a store that needs to launch a referral program?

We'll pay you $50 for every introduction you make


How will you process my payout?

You'll get a cheque in the mail. Just kidding, via PayPal, UPI, or direct bank transfer - whichever is most convenient for you.

What qualifies as referred store?

A store that our team has already shortlisted to pitch and is yet to, or one that fits our internal criteria, which we have not yet shortlisted to pitch to. If a Kaching representative has already reached out to a store, and you "refer" it to us later, but the store has not yet signed with us, we will likely name drop your reference to the decision maker at the store.

In any case, if your referral helped even a little bit in converting a store to work with Kaching, we believe in rewarding you for the same.

What if more than 1 person refers to the same store to Kaching?

First come, first served, unless a referral made after the first one carries more weight. In which case, we will evaluate referral rewards on a case-by-case basis.